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Chris Page & Associates Ltd. currently employs 56 people consisting of order desk, technical sales representatives, inside sales, delivery, warehouse, accounting, and administration personnel.

We have three excellent front line order desk personnel: Donovan, Elyse, and Brandon. They provide technical assistance, product applications, and will gladly take your order and ensure it gets to you in a timely manner.

Donovan, Elyse, and Brandon send all orders to our Warehouse Manager, Dean, who distributes the orders to our team of delivery drivers. We currently employ nine warehouse personnel and five in-town and thirteen out-of-town delivery personnel in our Edmonton warehouse. Our southern Alberta customers are looked after by our team of drivers out of our Calgary warehouse.

Chris Page & Associates Ltd. is supported by the sales and technical expertise of Bob Dittrich, David Guapo, Susan Pysmeny, Martin Pearcey, Sean Davies, Sang Su, Agostino Guido, Juzer Presswala, Jeff Gallant, and our inside sales representative Kolin Hibbert. Of course, no company could run successfully without the dedicated accounting an administrative staff, focused on maintaining seamless operations between our customers and the various departments of Chris Page & Associates Ltd.

At Chris Page & Associates Ltd. each employee is driven to excellent customer service because each employee knows who their boss really is... YOU, our customer!

As a Heavy Truck, Equipment Service and Repair Business, I need good quality oil. Chris Page and Associates offers a wide range of Chevron products, in both conventional and synthetic, for all my customer’s needs. They are quick and efficient when I place my stock orders. Working with Kolin has been great. He keeps me apprised of the new and coming products and when I require additional product info, he is happy to provide it. I would highly recommend the team at Chris Page and Associates to anyone requiring quality lubricants.

- Keith McMaster, Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs Ltd.


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