Why Choose CP&A?

Chris Page & Associates Ltd. combines world-class products with small-business service. Like many of our customers, Chris Page & Associates strives to be a high performance, principally sound company, serving our customers and the many communities they operate in throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northeastern B.C.

Our customers are our partners and receive personalized, leading-edge service; CP&A Customer Service Representatives learn your business and dedicated drivers familiarize themselves with your work sites and drop-off requirements. 

Equipment & Delivery Services

  • Free delivery on all orders; no minimum quantity per site
  • Dedicated company driver and company trucks; no third party carriers
  • One to two day deliveries received on-time, to the right location
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Empty drum pick up and recycling
  • Equipment loan programs and sales

Technical Support

  • Lubricant diagnostic services
  • Lube audits, lube surveys and lube seminars
  • Equipment & parts failure analysis
  • Investigative analysis by CLS-certified technicians
  • Support of Chevron and Summit technical specialists plus in-house expertise
  • Oil sampling and analysis

Oil Sampling & Analysis

  • Interpretation of used oil analysis resulting in optimized drain intervals
  • Identify minor problems before they escalate into major failures
  • Exact fluid change interval recommendations, reducing unnecessary labor and product costs
  • Extend equipment life, reducing repair and replacement costs 
  • Maximize asset reliability and eliminate unforeseen decreases in production

Administrative Assistance

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliability based lubrication programs
  • Customer Rewards Programs; receive cash back per litre
  • Retail marketing & "better business branding" services; we’ll help you grow YOUR business
  • Dedicated order desk personnel; no third party call center
  • Customized invoices to meet special invoice requirement & open Invoices Available  
I’ve known Gary over twenty years and have been dealing with him at Chris Page and Associates Ltd. for fifteen. It was his honesty and intelligence that brought me to him when I was looking for a change in oil. His straight forward approach, providing me with the most up to date information, gave me the confidence that I was making the right choice in switching dealers.

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