Alberta’s Premier Distributor of Bulk Chevron Lubricants & Oil.

Chris Page & Associates Ltd.

Canada’s largest independent distributor of the highest quality Chevron Lubricants. 

Chris Page and Associates Ltd. is an independent oil distribution company in Alberta serving the oil and gas industry for over 35 years; including passenger-car automotive, transportation, and industrial companies, and the heavy-duty equipment market. Our customers count on quality Delo, Havoline and Chevron lubricants to maximize the efficiency of the machines they operate; these products include synthetic oils, diesel oils, lithium greases, hydraulic oils & fluids, water based lubricants, and heavy duty engine coolants.

Serving Western Canada for Over 35 Years.

With warehouses in Edmonton & Calgary, we’ve been committed to delivering the highest quality and servicing the industrial and automotive lubrication needs of Alberta, northeastern British Columbia and western Saskatchewan since 1980. It’s our business to understand the harsh environments in which oil and gas companies and other heavy-duty machine industries are operating, and the Delo, Havoline and Chevron lubricants needed to maximize the life of the heavy-duty equipment they are running.

Our customers count on the excellence and attention to detail that Chris Page & Associates provides with safe and speedy oil product delivery to remote locations 24/7 - every day of the year.

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Our Most Popular Products Include:
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I came in and bought that Regal R&O on Friday. I wanted to send a quick note about how helpful and nice everyone at the front counter was. Sometimes a guy that’s not buying $10 000 bucks worth of product a year gets treated like shit at an industrial type supplier. Definitely not the case at Chris Page.

Send thanks to everyone in the office.

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