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A tough industry requires industrial-tough products. No matter how extreme the task, Chevron premium lubricants are specially formulated for numerous different industrial and off-highway engine types. Chevron lubricants are engineered to excel in the harshest conditions imaginable, delivering reliable engine protection and outstanding performance.

WIth over 40 years of experience serving Western Canada with industrial oil distributions, you can trust us to provide an effective solution for your industrial needs. For more information, please request a quote online or give our office a call at 780-451-4373.

High Quality Lubricants for Drilling Rigs

Chris Page & Associates understands that drilling rig lubricant distributors play a crucial role in ensuring that these operations run seamlessly by providing high-quality lubricants tailored to the unique needs of the industry.

Drilling rigs operate in harsh environments, subject to extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and abrasive conditions. Drilling rig lubricant distributors understand the specific challenges faced by these rigs and offer a range of specialized lubricants designed to withstand these demanding conditions. From high-temperature grease to advanced synthetic oils, these distributors provide tailor-made solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of drilling equipment.

We carry Chevron’s Delo line of industrial lubricants, motor oils, fluids and coolants that are specifically tailored to meet the heavy requirements of drilling operations. Let our expertise and knowledge help you find the perfect product.

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Chevron Delo Industrial Lubricants - Drilling Rig

Providing Industrial Lubricants Across Western Canada

Chris Page provides High-quality Delo, Havoline and Chevron lubricants for industrial industry in EdmontonCalgaryBritish Columbia, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and all of Western Canada for over 40 years

With warehouses in Edmonton & Calgary, we’ve been committed to delivering the highest quality lubrication products and servicing to the industrial industry including oil drilling equipment and more. It’s our business to understand the harsh environments in which oil and gas companies and other heavy-duty machine industries are operating, and the Delo, Havoline and Chevron lubricants needed to maximize the life of the equipment they are running.

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