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Chris Page and Associates Ltd. was incorporated in Alberta on December 3, 1980 and has since become Canada’s largest independent distributor of high quality, internationally recognized lubricant products. Chris Page & Associates operates throughout Western Canada and serves customers across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Our customers are number one in our world. We strive to identify the needs of our customers and we are committed to delivering a superior product with responsive technical assistance. To the customer we bring the small business attitude and drive backed by world class products and engineering assistance from our suppliers.

-Chris Page, Owner and Operator


Chris Page & Associates owns and operates two central warehouses.

The main warehouse is located in Edmonton at 14435 - 124 Avenue and from here we service Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northeastern British Columbia. Our warehouse is 22,205 sq. ft. and houses an inventory of 2,000 drums and approximately 400,000 litres of bulk oil. The Calgary warehouse at 1501 Moraine Road is conveniently located to service the needs of Calgary and Southern Alberta.

The warehouses receive rail car shipments of products including: Gas Engine Oils & Heavy Duty Motor Oils, and tanker trailer units of Motor & Industrial Oils. We also receive full trailer units of package loads of pails and case goods. 

Our safety procedures are paramount to the well-being of our customers and our people. Chris Page & Associates warehouse personnel are trained in forklift operation, first aid, WHMIS and hold regular safety meetings.

Alberta’s Premier Distributor Of Chevron Lubricants & Industrial Oils

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