Jeff Gallant, Technical Sales Representative for Chris Page & Associates Western Canada’s largest distributor of Chevron Lubricants operating out of Edmonton and Calgary Warehouses. Call for Free Quote on Heavy-Duty Oil, Glycol, HDAX, Natural Gas,

Jeff Gallant

Technical Sales Representative


Jeff started with Chris Page and Associates in early 2016. His nine years’ experience in oil and gas production, as well as his roles in the construction and insurance industries, has allowed him to get off to a fast start in his role as a salesperson with Chris Page and Associates. 

Jeff works out of our Calgary location and focuses on oil-field services, heavy-duty, consumer and industrial customers in Calgary and southern Alberta. He is committed to finding the right Chevron heavy-duty and motor oils, coolants and greases, to meet the demands of his customers. 

Jeff’s customer service philosophy is all about building relationships with through open and honest communication. 

When Jeff is not working, he keeps himself busy playing hockey, hiking, gold panning, and camping.

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