Agostino Guido, Technical Sales Representative for Chris Page & Associates Western Canada’s largest distributor of Chevron Lubricants operating out of Edmonton and Calgary Warehouses. Call for Free Quote on Heavy-Duty Oil, Glycol, HDAX, Natural Gas,

Agostino Guido

Technical Sales Representative


Agostino began his sales career with Chris Page and Associates 2015. He brings over 20 years’ experience in operations management, marketing, consulting and sales with large corporations. Agostino has also spent 5 years in the Oil and Gas Industry.

His entrepreneurial journey began in the early 2000’s when he started a service business that grew quickly through new business growth, mergers and acquisitions.  Agostino has completed certification courses in Business Management at the University of Calgary and the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). He has also completed the ISO 9000 Auditor certification.

Agostino is focused on selling premium products such as Chevron HDAX gas engine oils and Summit Screw Compressor Oils to oil-field service companies and oil and gas production plants. His territory covers customers located in Alberta to the north and east of Edmonton, as well as into the province of Saskatchewan.

Agostino’s customer service philosophy has always been "Do things right the first time". He truly believes that in order to accomplish this philosophy in both business and in life requires dedication and focus.

When Agostino is not working, he loves camping, hiking and doing his best Johnny Gaudreau imitation at local rinks around Calgary.

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