Shaelyn Gupta, Chris Page & Associates, Oil, Oil distributor Edmonton, Chevron Oil,

Shaelyn Gupta

Customer Service Representative


Shaelyn Gupta began working on the order desk over the summer in 2019, before she returned to school to finish her business diploma in Human Resource Management at NAIT. Now armed with a freshly-earned diploma and a take-charge attitude she’s back on the Chris Page & Associates order desk full-time to serve our customers.

Why would a recent college graduate choose to come back to the Chris Page & Associates order desk? Shaelyn says she likes working at CP&A because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. "The atmosphere is fun, and the customers are always great to work with!"

For the last 3 years, Shaelyn has spent her weekends providing respite work for kids with special needs and absolutely loving it. Not only does it makes her happy but it gets her out doing fun activities in the community like tubing down water slides, playing pool tag, and checking out the new blockbusters... sign us up! 

In her limited free time, Shaelyn enjoys walking her two dogs, Remmy and Luna. Remmy is a Rottweiler that loves to carry around abnormally large sticks almost as much as he loves cuddling; and Luna is a Pomsky who enjoys the finer things in life, like belly rubs and eating snow.

Say hi to Shaelyn when you place your next order by calling 780-451-4373! 

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