Martin Pearcey, Technical Sales Representative for Chris Page & Associates Western Canada’s largest distributor of Chevron Lubricants operating out of Edmonton and Calgary Warehouses. Call for Free Quote on Heavy-Duty Oil, Glycol, HDAX, Natural Gas,

Martin Pearcey

Sales Representative


Martin joined the Chris Page & Associates team in 2017, bringing with him a decade of experience in Oil and Gas field chemical sales in North West Alberta and North East British Columbia.

Martin’s focus is on finding the best product to fill his customers’ specific needs.   Whether it be something from our line of Natural Gas Engine Oils, Compressor Lubricants, Glycols, Greases or Motor Oils he will work to find the best product to fit the application, both operationally and economically.  His preference has always been to be a resource and valued member of his customers’ team, rather than simply another salesman walking in the door.

When not at work Martin strives to strike a balance between time spent as a loving husband and dad to a beautiful and intelligent little girl, and time spent hot-rodding old cars and motorcycles. 

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