Lori Nagy, Accounts Payable for Chris Page & Associates Western Canada’s largest distributor of Chevron Lubricants operating out of Edmonton and Calgary Warehouses. Call for Free Quote on Heavy-Duty Oil, Glycol, HDAX, Natural Gas, and more.

Lori Nagy

Accounts Payable


Originally, Lori worked with Chris Page & Associates for 5 years before leaving to pursue other careers 18 years ago. She has since returned and has been working in the Accounting department for the last 3 years. Why did she come back? She credits the people she works alongside and the stress-free environment that Chris Page & Associates provides. 

Lori’s recipe for success comes in three parts; first, think outside the box; second, touch paper as little as possible (which means deal with in quickly and move on); third, keep the customer happy. "I like to learn all of the jobs in the company so that if I can’t help someone I at least know where to send them to get the right answer." 

As someone who likes to stay positive and live each day to the fullest, Lori spends her time playing baseball, camping, being inspired by her son, and just generally enjoying life.

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