Donovan Weihmann, Order Desk for Chris Page & Associates Western Canada’s largest distributor of Chevron Lubricants operating out of Edmonton and Calgary Warehouses. Call for Free Quote on Heavy-Duty Oil, Glycol, HDAX, Natural Gas, and more.

Donovan Weihmann

Customer Service Representative


Donovan started at the Chris Page & Associates Ltd. order desk almost 4 years ago and has since come to exemplify exceptional customer service. Not only will he answer your call and take your order, but he’ll be doing it all with a smile. "I honestly like our customers... they are always a pleasure to deal with and seen genuinely happy to talk to us." 

Because the nature of this business is both exciting and challenging from day-to-day, Donovan’s secret to success is following processes that are relatively simple in their execution and maintenance. So even though the order desk’s work load can be heavy at times, they have not put themselves in a position to get bogged down by bureaucracy and policy.

Next time Donovan answers your call, ask him about his singing career with the Tri-City Ratpack. They’ve opened several times for Jay Leno at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, have recorded 3 albums with local rock band ThinLine Sid, and have collaborated on the debut album of local rap artist the Original CHU. 

And just when you thought Donovan couldn’t get any cooler... as a teenager he lived in Ghana, West Africa for 5 years, where his parents were missionaries. 

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